My name is Diederik. I’m a big enthousiast of the Honda CY50 and other little Honda’s with the vertical engine.

In my quest for the perfect setup of my bike, I struggled with the lack of aftermarket parts available for the Honda CY and CB50. If you know the endless amount of aftermarket components that are available for the Monkey’s and Dax comunity, it’s can be frustrating to see how little is available for the CY50. It seems like this little bike never really got the attention it deserved.


So in order to build my CY the way I want it, I had to design and make some new special parts.

With the help of 3d Cad Software and a 3D printer, I started making test models of CY components. I was pretty happy with the results, and other CY fans were also enthusiastic, so I decided to take this project a little further. Now I’m looking for manufacturers who can make them at a decent quality, in order to share these parts with other CY fans.

With this webshop, I want to offer these parts to my fellow CY enthusiasts. With the proceedings, I hope to develop more parts for the CY, CB and XL50 in the future.

And if I find the time, I may even write a little blogpost now and then