The Problem

If you are working on a Honda CY50 or CY80, you’ve probably bumped into this issue: there are little to no after-market parts for this bike, and parts from other bikes don’t fit.

The CY has wide wheels. That’s what makes it look cool. But in order for the drive-chain to clear the rear tire, Honda has mounted the engine off-centre towards the left hand side. Due to the asymmetric engine position, the manifold needs to make a strong S-curve in order for the Carburator to clear the frame.

Other bikes who share the same base engine (such as the XR75/80/100 or Honda Ape and othere) have the engine centered in the frame, so their manifolds are straighter and can’t be used for the CY50:  the carburator will collide with the chassis. If you want to install a bigger engine into the CY, finding the right manifold becomes even trickier. So I designed a range of parts that will accommodate any Carburator on a 50 / 80 or 100 CC base engine plug and play. That’s what this shop is for!