Custom Manifolds

And other fun bits & pieces for the Honda CY50 and CY80

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The Perfect Manifold for your Honda CY50 or CY80

Designed with love


Bending like Beckham

Each piece was carefully designed to deliver a perfect fit for a specific carburetor model on the Honda CY, respecting the right clearance between tank, clutch cable, exhaust pipe and side cover. Plug& Play!

As the 80cc, 100cc or standard 50cc engines have different heights, all manifold were designed accordingly to get the most out of your setup.

Reproduction side panels for the CY, XL, CB
Gotta catch’em all!

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Start by choosing the right base engine: standard 50CC engines, 80cc engines, and ‘big block’100 / 115 / 125 cc engines based on XR100 / NSF100. Then pick the carburator you want to run…

Fit the short-stroke CY50 engine, in standard size or with 75-80cc bore-up kit


CY50 20mm Manifold PEEK-CARBON 3D print

Original price was: €111,32.Current price is: €84,70.

Fit the long-stroke CY80 engine, with or without big-bore kit up to 95cc

Fit the long-stroke 100cc engine, with or without big-bore kit up to 115, 125 or more ccm

Bodyparts to make your CY just a little bit different…

Discover more in the shop!


Discover more in the shop!