The CY50 Forum

This German-spoken forum is definitely one of the most helpful and warm communities in the minibike scene. Basically an endless source of wisdom about anything that relates to the Honda CY50, CB50 and all of its brothers and sisters.



The webshop of Stefan Macht. Probably the only place that specializes exclusively in CY50, CB50 and XL50. Stefan has made a good reputation within the scene for delivering great service and advice to his customers, and has a solution for just about any problem you may have with your little bike. Except specialized manifolds for the CY of course 🙂

Looking for a 93CC kit for your Honda CY80? Here’s the place to get it!



A beautiful French blog about the ongoing mini 4 stroke scene, covering the whole range from Monkey to MSX125. You’ll also find some nice content on vertical engine bikes, like the CY80!

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