CY100 PE28 Sintered Manifold


Fits a Keihin PE28 onto a CY with XR100 engine

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This manifold was designed to fit the 99cc long stroke engine in a CY frame. This is the engine of a XR100 / NSF 100 or XL100S. These engines can be fitted with bore kits up 125 or even 145cc, and will require a big carburator.

There are no ready-made manifolds on the market that will fit any big carburator on a CY, and this one was especially designed for the Keihin PE28.
This Manifold will fit a Keihin PE28 of PWK21 plug&play. Take note that the sidecap will not fit!

This part comes with mounting bolts, packing not included.

In order to install the carburator, you need a rubber connector. This part was designed for use with ShiftUp part no. 201083-GP

The picture below shows the sintered manifold with a PE28 mounted to a ‘CY100’

Material & Finish

This part is made from laser-sintered Alumide, a mixture of aluminium and polyamide.

  • heat resistant up to 140 degrees
  • looks like sand-casted aluminium
  • Alumide has good thermic insulating capacities
  • the mounting flanges are sanded to ensure a well-sealing finish
    sealed with matte, fuel resistant clear coat

– Warranty disclaimer –

  • Alumide is claims a heat resistance of up to 140 degrees Celsius.
  • This is borderline for the purpose of an intake manifold. Some pieces last long, other don’t.
  • Consider this a prototype for testing purposes. No warranty can be given about heat deformation.

For a solution that will hold up over time, a CNC part in solid aluminum is recommended.


! Not suitable for use on public roads, use only for track or display purposes!
! this product is explicitly sold WITHOUT WARRANTY. Only buy if you agree to this.

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