CY80 Sintered Manifold For PE22-24


Fits a Keihin PC onto a CY80 with standard engine or big-bore kit

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This Manifold was especially designed for the Keihin PE22 and PE24 Carbs, paired to the standard 79cc long stroke engine, which can be bored up to 95ccm. This intake channel flows from 24 at the carburator to 22mm at the cylinder head, ensuring an optimal airflow.

Ideal to spice up your engine or complete your bore-up project. No need to mess around boring up your 40 year old original Honda manifold, which will only allow you to go up to 16mm.

This part comes with mounting bolts, packing not included.

Make sure you get the matching rubber connector: Shiftup Part no  201082-GP.

I have designed a special matching chokelever that can be operated from the left hand side. Have a look in the shop. (Not compatible with replica carburators)

Material & Finish

This part is made from laser-sintered Alumide, a mixture of aluminium and polyamide.

  • heat resistant up to 140 degrees
  • looks like sand-casted aluminium
  • Alumide has good thermic insulating capacities
  • the mounting flanges are sanded to ensure a well-sealing finish
    sealed with matte, fuel resistant clear coat

– Warranty disclaimer –

  • Alumide is claims a heat resistance of up to 140 degrees Celsius.
  • This is borderline for the purpose of an intake manifold. Some pieces last long, other don’t.
  • Consider this a prototype for testing purposes. No warranty can be given about heat deformation.

For a solution that will hold up over time, a CNC part in solid aluminum is recommended.


! Not suitable for use on public roads, use only for track or display purposes!
! this product is explicitly sold WITHOUT WARRANTY. Only buy if you agree to this.

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