XL50 XL75 Sidecover Left


3D print reproduction of Honda part 83640-152-000


This is a 3D printed replica of Honda Part nr 83640-152-000

Fits Honda XL50 & XL75

General info

  • The side covers are reproduced with own 3D scan data from a NOS original.
  • Printed in fine resolution (0.16mm layer height) in ASA or ABS, depending on the color. Read more about the material choice >
  • Prints will have imperfections that are inherent to 3d printing, such as rough edges or tabs, small repair spots etc.. Read more >
  • The part is meant to be finished by the customer: rough sand > filling primer > sand smooth > paint. ASA parts are UV resistant without paint but you still need to pain to get a smooth finish

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