CB 50 Cowl Lid


This a 3D printed reproduction of the Cowl Lid for the CB50 sports seat

Honda part nr. 77226-149-000


This is the lid only
Seal is not included
The lock can be ordered separately


How is the part made?
The side covers are reproduced by FDM printing based on own 3D scan data from a NOS original.

Which material is used?
Mostly ASA. Some colors in ABS. No PLA!  Click here to read more about the material properties >

Are the Layer lines visible? Do I need to sand the part?
Yes there are layer lines, this is an inherent part of the production process. However these lines are quite fine, thanks to a fine printing resolution of 0.16mm layer height.. That makes it easier to sand to a smooth surface. There can be some other small imperfections such as rough edges or tabs, small repair spots etc.. which are ‘sandable’ Read more here>

The part is intended to be finished by the customer: rough sand > filling primer > sand smooth > paint. ASA parts are UV resistant without paint but you still need to paint to get a smooth finish.

It is recommended to use the same finish on both sides of the part: if you paint the outside, make sure to paint the inside as well, to keep the exposure to humidity symmetrical.

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